Hillary Clinton’s Nine-Month-Old Granddaughter Wears Oscar de la Renta

Hillary Clinton and Oscar de la Renta (AP)
• June 2, 2015 1:16 pm


Becoming a grandmother has made Hillary Clinton think long and hard about what kind of world she wants to leave behind for future generations—a world in which every American will have the same opportunities as nine-month-old Charlotte Clinton-Mezvinsky. In Hillary Clinton's America, for example, every infant child will be swathed in the hippest fabrics from the hottest celebrity fashion barons.

The Daily Mail reports:

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton remembered late family friend Oscar de la Renta in a touching tribute at Monday night's CFDA Awards, and revealed that he sent her newborn daughter a special dress soon before he died, which she believes is likely one of the last pieces he ever designed.

Chelsea, 35, spoke at the celebrity-packed fashion event about some of her favorite memories of the beloved designer, whom she had known since her father, former US President Bill Clinton's years in the White House.

In her speech, she revealed how Mr. de la Renta boosted her self esteem with a dress he sent her as a teenager – and made her daughter Charlotte ‘one very lucky little girl' by sending her a dress of her own before he passed away.

The elite fashion designer, who passed away last year, also designed the stunning dress Hillary wore to Chelsea's wedding ceremony in 2010. It was during a stay at de la Renta's beachfront mansion in the Dominican Republic that Hillary decided to run for president in 2016 as a champion of "everyday Americans."

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