Hillary Clinton Has Mastered The Art of Turning Her New Grandchild Into a Stump Speech

She's a political machine (literally?)

October 27, 2014

Hillary Clinton is a grandmother, in case you hadn’t heard, and one of the benefits of having a new grandchild is it provides an easy hook for a political stump speech. Hillary Clinton has already mastered this process, as you can see is this video from a campaign rally for Kay Hagan in North Carolina.

It was an especially fitting venue for Clinton, because the event was held in Charlotte, which is also the name of Clinton’s granddaughter. This allowed her to make an additional 30-40 seconds of folksy small talk with the crowd.

(Note: the name Charlotte is most commonly associated with Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, wife of King George III, the British monarch who tried to crush the American Revolution.)

This is how it's done:

There’s really nothing better in the world [than being a grandmother], certainly based on my one month experience [laughter], and there’s also nothing that gets your mind concentrated more about the future [woo!], and what kind of life you want for this new precious child, and what kind of child and world you want to help shape [woo!] …

[stump speech]

The crowd for Hillary in Charlotte was less than half the size of the crowd Texas Governor Rick Perry attracted at a North Carolina event the previous day.