Hillary Clinton's 'Gutsiest' Decision: Staying in Politically Convenient Marriage to Powerful Perv

October 1, 2019

Hillary Clinton says that remaining married to the most powerful pervert in the free world, rather than trying to win the presidency without bothering to campaign in Wisconsin, was the "gutsiest" decision of her life.

Clinton, the public speaking magnate whose efforts to attain political office have resulted in historic failures, refuses to stay out of the spotlight. She has written another book, this time with the help of her notably unaccomplished daughter, Chelsea Clinton, wife of failed hedge fund manager Marc Mezvinsky. The duo has embarked on a publicity tour to promote The Book of Gutsy Women, a collection of stories highlighting "women with the courage to stand up to the status quo, ask hard questions, and get the job done." Hillary gave an interesting response to a question about "the gutsiest thing" she's ever done during a Tuesday appearance on Good Morning America.

"Well, personally, [making] the decision to stay in my marriage," Hillary said, referring to her controversial decision to remain in her politically convenient marriage to former president Bill Clinton, who remains to this day one of the most powerful and most notorious sexual deviants on the planet.

When it comes to her "gutsiest" actions in politics and public life, Hillary cited her failed presidential campaigns, including her insurgent 2008 run to prevent the election of America's first black president. She also touted her ability to "just get up every day and keep going" despite her well-documented stamina deficiency and other health problems.

Users of a social networking website called Twitter were surprised at Hillary's answer. Some provided examples of other "gutsy" decisions Hillary may or may not have made throughout her career in public service.