Harry Reid Probably Violated Senate Rules to Smear Kochs

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.)
Harry Reid didn't become a multi-millionaire by following "rules" / AP
April 10, 2014

Koch addiction can drive people to engage in all sorts of unseemly behavior. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.), for example, seems to have violated Senate ethics rules in his feverish quest to smear the Koch brothers.

The Washington Examiner caught Reid using his official website to attack the Kochs, which would appear to be a violation of Senate rules against posting "partisan" material on a taxpayer funded site:

The post, titled "The Facts About the Koch Brothers," was moved from the Nevada Democrat's homepage to a less prominent position on the site Wednesday following inquiries by the Washington Examiner.

The post lists 14 accusations against the Kochs and their businesses, alleging that they pay no corporate taxes, seek to abolish Social Security, pollute the environment and have shady business dealings with Iran. The Kochs are major donors to conservative and Republican causes.

The Senate Rules and Administration Committee strictly bars all "partisan" or political campaign posts on senators' official websites.

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It appears that the Koch-funded Harry Reid won’t let a few "rules" get in the way of his tireless campaign to disparage the libertarian philanthropy barons. He seems to genuinely believe that the Koch brothers are a greater threat to America than Vladimir Putin.

Rules didn’t stop him from enriching his own granddaughter with campaign funds and trying to hide it on a disclosure report.

Rules are un-American.

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