Harry Reid Is Right For Once

July 15, 2013

Harry Reid is dabbling dangerously with changing the Senate filibuster.

However, despite being hypocritical about Senate rules, Reid does know his college football. The majority leader took a cheap shot at the University of Southern California's football team during a filibuster:

You can hate on Reid for being the Crypt Keeper of the Senate and for his faulty baseball knowledge, but his mind is sharp when it comes to college ball. Last season, Southern Cal was the first team in the history of the Associated Press poll to start preseason as number one and then tumble all the way down into the unwashed dreck of unranked teams.

Unmitigated disaster.

Reid also swiped at the controversy that landed the Trojans in their current funk: the illegal benefits Reggie Bush received while in college.

The Trojans are at the point now where UCLA Bruin Neera Tanden can cackle with glee at her sad-sack crosstown rival. That alone is a good enough reason for James Franklin to replace Lane Kiffin today.

How about that, Harry Reid, right for once.

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