Klobuchar Wrath Attack: Angry Amy Came to Play

October 15, 2019

Tonight was the night Amy Klobuchar stopped playing coy on the debate stage and started treating her Democratic opponents like she treats her employees. Angry Amy came to play.

A confessed bird murderer who presided over a Senate office that former staffers described as "controlled by fear, anger, and shame," Klobuchar (D., Minn.) traded her inside voice for her shouty voice, and lit into her Democratic opponents, accusing them of trying to deceive the American people with lies.

De facto frontrunner Senator Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) bore the brunt of Amy's rage, especially when it came to the issue of health care and Warren's refusal to admit that middle class taxes will go up under her proposed "Medicare for All" plan.

"I'm sorry, Elizabeth ... I think we owe it to the American people to tell them where we're going to send the invoice," Klobuchar seethed. "I believe the best and boldest idea here is to not trash Obamacare, but to do exactly what Barack Obama wanted to do from the beginning, and that's have a public option."

Klobuchar was just getting started, accusing Warren of wanting to kick 150 million people off of their preferred health insurance plans by forcing them to enroll in Medicare.

"And I'm tired of hearing whenever I say these things, 'Oh, it's Republican talking points,'" Klobuchar fumed. "You are making Republican talking points right now in this room ... I think there is a better way that is bold, that will cover more people, and it's the one we should get behind."

Later on in the debate, when Warren appeared to suggest that some of her Democratic colleagues wanted to protect billionaires, Klobuchar pounced like a puma.

"I want to give a reality check here to Elizabeth, because no one on this stage wants to protect billionaires. Not even the billionaire [Tom Steyer] wants to protect billionaires," Klobuchar raged. "We just have different approaches. Your idea is not the only idea."

Doing what comes naturally, Warren responded with professorial condescension: "Look, I understand that this is hard, but I think as Democrats we are going to succeed when we dream big and fight hard, not when we dream small and quit before we get started."

Klobuchar WENT OFF.

"You know, I think simply because you have different ideas doesn't mean you're not fighting for regular people," she erupted. "I wouldn't even be up on this stage if it wasn't for unions and the dignity of work. If my grandpa didn't have unions protecting him in those mines, he wouldn't have survived. If my mom didn't have unions as a teacher, she wouldn't have been able to make the wages she made when my parents got divorced."

It wasn't a fight, it was an execution. Angry Amy ate Pocahontas for lunch. With a f—king comb.