Democrat Primary

Bloomberg Pooh-Poohs Concerns From Employees

'You just have to learn to live with some things'

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg dismissed concerns from his own employees about Bloomberg News's new editorial policy forbidding staff journalists from investigating him and other 2020 Democratic candidates.

Kamala Harris Blames Weed Arrests for Mass Incarceration

1,974 people were put in prison for weed on Harris's watch

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris lamented the mass incarceration of those convicted of marijuana-related offenses Thursday, without acknowledging the thousands who were incarcerated in California under her watch.

Beto Slams Biden for Taking PAC Money

Biden reversed his PAC pledge amid fundraising woes

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke criticized former vice president Joe Biden for announcing he would accept donations from super PACs and corporations.