2016 Watch: Rick Perry Draws Larger Crowd than Hillary Clinton in North Carolina

Ready for Rick?
• October 26, 2014 7:09 am


Texas Governor Rick Perry and professional public speaker Hillary Clinton both held rallies in North Carolina over the past few days for their respective party’s Senate candidate in what is shaping up to be a close race that has already attracted its fair share of 2016 contenders.

Embarrassingly for Clinton, the crowd she drew at a Kay Hagan rally in Charlotte (population 800,000) was less than half the size of what Perry was able to attract in Smithfield (population 12,000) in support of Thom Tillis.

In fact, the Clinton-Hagan rally, which took place Saturday at the Charlotte Convention Center, appeared to be the second most popular event at the venue that day, behind Buzz Fest, a pep rally to celebrate the return of the Charlotte Hornets, the greatest franchise in NBA history.

Hagan currently leads Tillis by less than two percent in the Real Clear Politics polling average.