Sleepy Joestradamus: Ancient POTUS Tries (and Fails) To Predict the Future

President Joe Biden, sometimes referred to as "Sleepy Joe," likes to make predictions about the future. They are usually wrong.

• On March 24, Biden said that the banks were "in pretty good shape" and that he didn't see "anything on the horizon that's about to explode." On May 1, U.S. regulators seized control of First Republic Bank and forced a sale of its assets to JPMorgan. It was the largest bank failure since 2008 and the second largest in U.S. history.

• In July 2021, Biden insisted a Taliban takeover was not going happen in Afghanistan following the withdrawal of American troops. Weeks later, the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan.

• In July 2021, Biden said inflation was "temporary" and under control. It was not.

• Most damningly of all, Biden predicted before taking office that Kamala Harris would be a "great" vice president and a "powerful voice for this nation." (Fact check: Pants on Fire.)