Psaki: Biden Struggles to Get His Old Ass Up Before 9AM

Insomnia, 'night wandering,' and other sleep disorders are common symptoms of dementia

March 13, 2023

President Joe Biden, the 80-year-old commander in chief and leader of the free world, almost never accomplishes anything before 9 a.m., former White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday. "President Biden does nothing at 9 a.m.," she said on Morning Joe. "He is a night owl."

Psaki's alarming remarks came in the context of Biden's early (for him) speech to address the government bailout of Silicon Valley Bank, whose CEO Gregory Becker donated thousands to Biden's campaign in 2020.

"The fact that he is doing this at 9 a.m. [despite his inability to rouse himself] speaks to how vital the White House recognizes that it is to have his voice out there conveying [the details of the bailout] to the American public," Psaki said.

Context: According to the Mayo Clinic, insomnia, "night wandering," and other sleep disorders are common symptoms of dementia.