Cruel Summer: Biden Campaign Wants To Force 81-Year-Old Man To Attend Taylor Swift Concert

It's time to face the reality of elder abuse in this country

January 30, 2024

It's bad enough that Democrats are forcing President Joe Biden to run for reelection. It's elder abuse, plain and simple. The president is 81 years old, his mind is barely functioning, and he ought to be enjoying his retirement on a beach in Delaware surrounded by loved ones and caregivers.

Democrats might say they have no choice in the matter. Biden is the best candidate they've got. Sure, they could pressure him to step aside, but then they'd have to tell Vice President Kamala Harris they don't want her either. The party might not survive the racially fueled temper tantrum that would follow.

Fine, but that doesn't give them the right to subject our frail octogenarian president to senseless acts of cruelty. Biden's handlers already force him to risk his life and humiliate himself at public campaign events. Reports indicate his reelection team is plotting to ramp up the intensity of the abuse in the coming months.

According to the New York Times, the Biden campaign has "tossed around" the idea of sending Biden to a Taylor Swift concert sometime this year in an effort to secure an endorsement from the semi-prominent NFL girlfriend. Anecdotal evidence suggests the median Taylor Swift fan is a mentally unstable teenage girl with a scream that can shatter glass and hair that Biden will definitely try to smell if given the opportunity. It would be a disaster for everyone involved.

Sending an 81-year-old man known as "Sleepy Joe" to a Taylor Swift concert would be an overt act of cultural terrorism, an ageist hate crime of unreckonable proportion. Has Biden not suffered enough? He has been bullied and belittled by former president Barack Obama for the better part of two decades. It's time to get serious about elder abuse in this country.