Hunter Biden Attends Bar Mitzvah, Prays for Papa Joe As Criminal Probe Intensifies

Wayward scion parties with minors as Republicans close in on the 'big guy'

August 14, 2023

What happened: Hunter Biden, the wayward political scion under investigation for a multitude of federal crimes, partied with minors over the weekend at a bar mitzvah in Atlanta.

• The 53-year-old adult boy of President Joe Biden attended the coming-of-age ceremony for his wife's nephew, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

• Hunter recited a prayer for his father—the traditional "prayer for our country," which calls for God's "blessings for our country—for its government, for its leaders and advisers, and for all who exercise just and rightful authority."

Crucial context: The bar mitzvah took place one day after Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed U.S. attorney David Weiss to serve as special counsel in charge of the federal investigation into Hunter Biden's criminal activity.

• Weiss said in a court filing that same day that negotiations with Hunter's attorneys over a plea agreement involving tax charges have broken down and indicated that "the case will not resolve short of a trial."

• Hunter pleaded not guilty to tax charges last month after a federal judge refused to accept a previously negotiated plea deal that would have granted the defendant blanket immunity for his other crimes.

• Remember that bag of cocaine found in a secure location in the White House shortly after Hunter was known to have been in the building? The Secret Service closed the investigation without identifying a suspect because the Biden administration thinks you're stupid. (Hunter is a known crack cocaine user alleged to be in recovery.)

Why it matters: The first son, a renowned partier, has refused to let his legal troubles interfere with his social life.

• Days before the "sweetheart" plea agreement fell through in federal court, Hunter and Merrick Garland attended a White House state dinner for Indian prime minister Narendra Modi.

• Critics questioned the propriety of Hunter cavorting with the U.S. attorney general at a White House function, especially given recent allegations from IRS whistleblowers of the Justice Department's inappropriate interference in the federal investigation of Hunter's tax crimes.

• Republican investigators continue to uncover evidence of Hunter's shady foreign business dealings, which generated an income of at least $20 million, as well as the alleged involvement of President Biden, aka "the big guy."

Bottom line: You can take the boy out of the party, but you'll never take the party out of the boy.

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