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They Denounced a Bill to 'End Jew Hatred.' Now, Jamaal Bowman Says He's 'Honored To Have Their Endorsement.'

Indivisible Brooklyn called anti-Semitism resolution 'dangerous' and 'a total farce'

March 21, 2024

MIT Refused To Host Dennis Ross. It Invited a Hamas Apologist Instead.

Dalia Mogahed, who described Hamas terrorism as legal 'resistance,' slated to speak as a part of MIT's 'Standing Against Hate' Initiative

March 14, 2024

House Presses MIT To Provide Records on Its Response to Campus Anti-Semitism

'We have grave concerns regarding the inadequacy of MIT's response to antisemitism on its campus,' Virginia Foxx writes

March 8, 2024

Congressional Investigators 'Very Concerned' About Soaring Anti-Semitism at Northwestern

Jewish students have faced 'intimidation, bigotry, vandalism, and other alleged hate crimes' in wake of Hamas terror attack

March 8, 2024