BABE WATCH: Judge Maryellen Noreika Smacked Down Hunter Biden's Sweetheart Plea Deal and Looked Great Doing It

Meet the black-robed beauty who stood up to the Biden Crime Family

July 28, 2023

What happened: You probably heard that Hunter Biden's sweetheart plea deal with federal prosecutors got smacked down by a badass judge who refused to be a "rubber stamp" for the unprecedented agreement, which would have given the disgraced first son blanket immunity for his numerous crimes.

Why it matters: You might not have heard that the badass judge is a total smokeshow in a black robe. Judge Maryellen Noreika is the Washington Free Beacon's Babe of the Week. Congratulations!

About this babe: Judge Noreika has served on the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware since 2018. She was nominated by then-president Donald Trump on the recommendation of the U.S. senators from Delaware, both Democrats.

Noreika's politics are unclear. In a desperately written (attempted) hit piece published Thursday, the New York Times reported that she has donated money to Republicans and Democrats, including Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton.

Colleagues described Noreika, 57, as a "thorough" and diligent worker who exudes "maturity" and "self-confidence." She sounds like exactly the sort of person who's not afraid to stand up to a powerful and fearsome organization such as the Biden Crime Family. She looks great for her age.

Disinformation campaign: The liberal mainstream media would like you to think Judge Noreika is not a certified babe on the bench, but rather an Elizabeth Warren-type disgruntled schoolmarm who is being unfair to a 53-year-old child.

For example, the courtroom sketch of Noreika smacking down the sweetheart plea deal contains an egregiously unflattering likeness of the alluring law lady.

Bottom line: Badass babes are sexy as hell.

Editor's note: The Free Beacon did not include Judge Noreika in our November 2020 list of "confirmed hotties" of the federal judiciary. This was clearly an oversight, and we regret the error.

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