EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Draft of CNN Debate Questions Reveals Stunning Anti-Trump Bias

June 26, 2024

Critics have accused CNN journalists Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, moderators of the first presidential debate on Thursday, of being partisan Democrats who openly despise former president Donald Trump and his millions of supporters.

A leaked draft of the debate questions, obtained and authenticated by the Washington Free Beacon, suggests these critics are right. The document explicitly show how Tapper and Bash are planning to coddle President Joe Biden while ruthlessly and unfairly attacking Trump in a shameless attempt to brainwash American voters and boost their network's historically abysmal ratings.

Here are some of the most shocking examples we found:

  • President Biden  This week your administration reached a plea deal to free Julian Assange, the embattled whistleblower who partnered with transgender activist Chelsea Manning to expose the (some would say) evil misdeeds committed by George W. Bush and other neoconservative war hawks. Some online commenters are praising this decision as the most significant act of presidential courage since Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863. How does it feel to do the right thing?
  • Mr. Trump  You recently said that, if elected, you'd give "very serious consideration" to pardoning Assange. He is not only a suspected Russian spy who helped you steal the 2016 election and deny Hillary Clinton a chance to make history as America's first woman president. He is also a credibly accused rapist. Did Vladimir Putin threaten to release kompromat if you didn't agree to a pardon? Do you support the legalization of rape?
  • President Biden → According to a New York Times report, your administration lobbied world health officials to "remove age limits for trans surgery" over the objection of cruel and ignorant bigots. This was very brave of you, even though you probably had nothing to do with it. You definitely shouldn't talk about this without a teleprompter, and this is more of a comment than a question, so we're just going to move on to other topics. Thank you for your leadership on this important issue.
  • Mr. Trump → NBC reports that more than 400 undocumented DREAMers with potential ties to ISIS terrorists have been smuggled into the United States; at least 50 of those individuals remain at large and unaccounted for. Based on our own reporting, there's no evidence the Biden administration did anything wrong. Our question for you is this: Why didn't your administration do more to destroy ISIS when you had the chance? Do you regret putting innocent American lives at risk?
  • President Biden → God bless you, sir. We all know that Supreme Court justice Samuel Alito uses obscure flags to signal his support for Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. We're going to play an AI-generated clip of your opponent, Mr. Trump, addressing the Reichstag in 1939. Would you please watch it and share your thoughts? Thank you very much.
  • Mr. Trump → You've made a number of very offensive statements about Native Americans. For example, you have repeatedly attacked Elizabeth Warren, a sitting United States senator from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, using the racial slur "Pocahontas." Joining us in the audience tonight is Tonda "Wise Eagle" Cockacoeske. She is a 93-year-old elder member of the Mattaponi Tribe and a direct descendent of Princess Matoaka, sometimes referred to as Pocahontas. Will you take this opportunity to apologize to this brave woman, and to all the marginalized communities you have literally assaulted with your hateful rhetoric?
  • President Biden → We met with you backstage earlier this evening on the condition that we couldn't film in order to protect your privacy. We can confirm that you did 100 pushups and 200 sit-ups without stopping. Then you challenged our summer intern Claydyn to a fistfight and won. He is currently in serious but stable condition at Grady Memorial Hospital. You are one of the most vigorous and virile leaders we have ever met. Do you think the right-wing plot to spread misinformation about your physical and mental fitness is the most dangerous threat to American democracy since the violent insurrection on January 6, 2021?
  • Mr. Trump → This question is intended to test your eyesight, which is highly correlated with cognitive health. A member of the audience is going to hold up a banner with a word written on it. We'd like you to please read that word. [The n-word.]
  • President Biden → How much do you love your son?
  • Mr. Trump → Your son Barron turned 18 in March, which means he's absolutely fair game for journalists. Many have described you as a distant, uncaring father, so you probably didn't notice that Barron is no longer in the audience this evening. That's because our colleague Jim Acosta is holding him hostage at an undisclosed location and will only release him unharmed if you agree right now to drop out of the race. What do you say?