Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day! Biden's COVID-19 Body Count Just Passed 300K

'I'm going to shut down the virus,' Biden said in October 2020

October 11, 2021

More than 300,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 on President Joe Biden's watch, according to the Washington Free Beacon's proprietary death tracker.

Biden achieved the grim milestone over the weekend as Americans were preparing to celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day and National Coming Out Day on Oct. 11. The astonishingly high death count suggests the president was lying when he promised to "shut down the virus" during the 2020 campaign.

During the final presidential debate, Biden argued that a leader who presided over 220,000 deaths from COVID-19 should be disqualified from serving as commander in chief. "Anyone who's responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the United States of America," he said. "We're in a situation where there are a thousand deaths a day."

That's still true nearly a year later. Since Biden took office on Jan. 20, the virus he promised to "shut down" has been killing Americans at an average rate of 1,147 per day. In the past week, COVID-19 has killed 1,783 Americans per day on average. The evidence is clear: Biden's failed leadership is putting innocent lives at risk.

Mainstream journalists have been shocked to learn that many Americans have noticed Biden's failure to get the pandemic under control, and are blaming the president—as opposed to "Republicans or anti-vaxxers"—for that failure. Biden's approval rating continues to plummet, especially among independent voters. The lingering "coronavirus malaise," as described in a recent Politico headline, isn't helping.

The number of Americans who have died from COVID-19 on Biden's watch is more than the total number of American combat deaths in World War II, and more than 100 times the number of Americans killed in the September 11 terror attacks. It is more than 25 times the number of deaths attributed to the Indian Removal Act of 1830.