West Virginia’s Patrick Morrisey Claims Victory in Fight Against Opioid Supply

W.Va. AG sued DEA for failure to properly limit opioid production, base quotas on medical need

A lawsuit filed last year by West Virginia's Republican attorney general Patrick Morrissey has resulted in a new Trump administration directive to evaluate the opioid production quota system, which Morrissey says is "responsible for many deaths across the country."

Enlightenment, Meh

Review: 'Enlightenment Now,' by Steven Pinker

In 2011’s The Better Angels of Our Nature, Harvard’s Steven Pinker painstakingly documented the fact that violence has declined over the course of human history and explored the reasons why. The book, like most of Pinker’s prior work, was stunningly well-argued and an indispensable treatment of its subject.

In Louisiana, State Government Seeks to Reverse Sky-High Incarceration

Most incarcerated state in the union aims to cut 10% of prison pop. within 10 years

A prison cell block is seen at the El Reno Federal Correctional Institution in El Reno, OklahomaAmerica’s most-incarcerated state is taking steps to cut its imprisonment rates, and while a recent mass release of prisoners has provoked controversy, Louisiana state officials remain positive about their role as a model for the nation’s move towards sentencing reform.