The Biblical Tongue Reborn

Review: Lewis Glinert, 'The Story of Hebrew'

A 1,200-year-old Jewish prayer book, or siddur, is displayed at the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem"The restoration of Hebrew," writes Lewis Glinert, professor of Hebrew studies at Dartmouth College, "was an act without precedent in linguistic and sociopolitical history." And as his valuable new book, The Story of Hebrew, demonstrates, it was a conscious decision by Jews who decided that if they were going to make it out of the Diaspora, their language was going to make it, too. So successful were the "guardians of Hebrew's textual memory," that when the time came to restore Hebrew as a spoken tongue after two millennia, they did so, in Glinert's words, "almost overnight."

Chelsea Clinton Joins Expedia Board

Chelsea ClintonFormer First Daughter Chelsea Clinton's resume keeps expanding. The current vice chair of the Clinton Foundation and former occasional news reporter has joined the travel company Expedia's board, according to Yahoo News.