Neil Gaiman’s Dream of Blood

Review: Neil Gaiman, 'Norse Mythology'

Neil GaimanThe word gospel occurs only once in Shakespeare—and that, as a participle, when Macbeth sneers at the hesitating murderers and asks, “Are you so gospel’d” that you would hesitate to strike down Banquo and his son?

Coordinating America’s Elite Warriors

Review: Thomas H. Henriksen, 'Eyes, Ears & Daggers: Special Operations Forces and the Central Intelligence Agency in America’s Evolving Struggle Against Terrorism'

The celebrity status of Special Operation Forces (SOFs) after such high-profile successes as killing Osama Bin Laden and rescuing hostages with near-miraculous precision, though lucrative for Hollywood, has proven a mixed blessing for the warriors.

Anti-Israel U.N. Official Forced to Resign

The United Nations stands in midtown ManhattanThe leader of a United Nations-backed agency known for its anti-Israel bias has resigned from the organization after U.S. and Israeli officials aggressively pushed back against a report dubbing the Jewish state an "apartheid regime."