Venezuela Sanctions Bill Pressures Obama Administration to Act

Bipartisan bill would impose visa, asset bans
Bolivarian National Guards fire teargas at democratic protestors / AP

A Venezuela sanctions bill that will be debated on the House floor on Wednesday is applying more pressure on the Obama administration to take action in the crisis that will soon enter its fourth month, observers say.

Indyk Caught Bashing Israel at Hotel Bar

Slams Israel for failed peace process
Martin Indyk / AP

Middle East envoy Martin Indyk was overheard at an upscale Washington, D.C., bar bashing Israel and fully blaming it for the recent failure of peace talks with the Palestinians, according to an individual who overheard the conversation and described it as a surprising and “nasty” 30-minute-long tirade against the Jewish state.

Critics: George Soros Using Political Connections to Benefit His Foreign Policy Goals

Secretary of State John Kerry to introduce George Soros at State Department open forum Tuesday
George Soros

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will introduce liberal megadonor George Soros at an open forum on Tuesday, the latest evidence of the billionaire using his political connections to benefit his investments and foreign policy goals, critics say.

Kerry will introduce Soros at the 1:30 p.m. forum on May 13 at the George C. Marshall Center, the Germany-based security and defense studies institute jointly operated by the U.S. Department of Defense and German Defense Ministry, according to a State Department event notice.

Against the Obama Administration’s Imperialist Meddling in Nigeria

us imperialism

How many American parents would proudly send their sons and daughters off to kill or be killed in Lagos or Chibok? How many young men and women aspire to be the first American to fall in Damaturu?

These towns are located in Nigeria. That’s in Africa. President Obama has not publicly discussed sending U.S. troops to Nigeria, but can we trust him?

As the pressure mounts from America’s media elites and hashtag aficionados, what will he do when strongly worded condemnations fail to persuade Boko Haram Abubakar Shekau to release the hundreds of girls his group has enlisted in its quest for religious freedom?

Shellacking II: The Sequel

Column: The 2014 election was decided before Obama’s second term began
President Barack Obama walks down the stairs of Air Force One upon his arrival in the rain at Andrews Air Force Base / AP

Fitting, I thought, when I saw Air Force One returning to Andrews Air Force Base in the rain the other day. The weather had not only assumed the character of President Obama’s demeanor, it had become a physical representation of the sentiments inside his administration, inside Democratic circles in Washington. Those sentiments are dark, foreboding, cloudy, and gloomy. The president’s foreign policy is under attack, his agenda is stalled in Congress, and his signature program remains unpopular. A second repudiation of Obama, a second shellacking, may be at hand.

No Wonder Putin Doesn’t Take Us Seriously

Chuck Hagel, Barack Obama / AP

At this point, it’s pretty clear Russian President Vladimir Putin does not take the Obama administration seriously.

And why should he?

When Russian agitators started making trouble in Eastern Ukraine, the State Department responded by creating a Twitter hashtag. And these days, the administration is considering whether it should be tougher than Europe.

The president has lost Maureen Dowd.