Sunday Show Round Up

Kerry Caught Mocking Israel’s Tactics in Gaza
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Secretary of State John Kerry was caught on an open mic responding, seemingly with sarcasm, to Israel’s tactics in Gaza.

State Dept. Backtracks After Kerry Suggests New Iran Sanctions Needed

Kerry told group of Jewish lawmakers administration is open to new sanctions bill
Hassan Rouhani

Lawmakers came out swinging on Thursday afternoon after the State Department issued a blanket denial regarding statements that Secretary of State John Kerry made to members of Congress earlier that morning about the potential need for new sanctions on Iran.

John Kerry’s Soccer Obsession is Undermining America

In bombshell interview, refers to soccer field as ‘football pitch’

Secretary of State John Kerry undermined the interests of the United States on Friday by discussing soccer in an interview with Sports Illustrated.

Kerry’s affinity for the sport, which has deep ties to socialism, is no secret. He has been photographed on numerous occasions looking awkward while kicking a soccer ball in jeans:

Blame Obama First

Column: The president’s national security team isn’t the problem. Obama is.
A series of bombs hit the Shiite stronghold of Sadr City in Baghdad, Iraq / AP

On June 12, as al Qaeda forces marched toward Baghdad, John McCain spoke on the Senate floor. Noting that the al Qaeda affiliate ISIS has conquered a third of Iraqi territory, has overrun the city of Mosul, has captured abandoned American equipment, and has stolen more than $400 million in cash reserves, McCain said that the enemies of the United States are on the verge of a strategic victory. Only a major course correction, McCain went on, might prevent the emergence of an al Qaeda state that stretches from eastern Syria to the outskirts of Baghdad. “It’s time that the president got a new national security team,” he said.

Clinton Accuses Israel of Being Occupying Force

New book takes aim at Israel, angers pro-Israel community
Hillary Clinton on Good Morning America / AP

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accuses Israel of being an occupying force in her new memoir Hard Choices and claims that the Jewish state denies “dignity and self determination” to Palestinians in the West Bank.

Senator: Clinton State Dept. Broke Law, Lied About Boko Haram Terror Threat

Letter: Reports to Congress on Boko Haram terror threat intentionally misleading
Hillary Clinton

A leading senator has charged that Hillary Clinton’s State Department broke the law by intentionally obfuscating and downplaying to Congress the terror threat posed by the Nigerian extremist group Boko Haram, which recently gained international infamy for violently kidnapping more than 200 schoolgirls.

Sunday Show Round Up

Kerry Defends Bergdahl Swap
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Sgt. Bowe Bergdhal’s capture and the merits of the trade that resulted in his freedom remained under scrutiny on Sunday, as the administration continues to defend the decision.