J Street: Anti-Israel, Pro-Lying

Fringe group caught again lying to journalists, editors
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The liberal fringe group J Street is facing renewed questions over its purported dishonesty to journalists and editors after one of its top campus officials penned an op-ed that was so thoroughly riddled with factual errors that a leading Israeli publication was forced to delete the piece and apologize.

J Street Overwhelmingly Rejected from Jewish Community

Heartbreak on J Street
J Street logo

The controversial Middle East advocacy group J Street was resoundingly rejected from the Jewish community’s leading umbrella organization due to what insiders described as J Street’s extreme anti-Israel views and unrelenting attacks on mainstream pro-Israel groups.

J Street U Brandeis’ Talia Lepson Harasses Pro-Israel Student

J Street leader to pro-Israel student: ‘Jews hate you’
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A top J Street leader at Brandeis University harassed a pro-Israel student activist early Saturday morning, calling the student a “shit bag” and telling him that “Jews hate you,” according to those who witnessed the incident.

J Street: Negotiating with Hamas is Pro-Israel

Anti-Israel, pro-terror group wants talks with Hamas

The Middle East advocacy group J Street is urging the United States to negotiate with the terror group Hamas, which announced that it has formed a unity government with the opposing Fatah Palestinian political party.

Pro-Hijacking, Pro-Terrorism

T-shirt contradicts J Street motto

A member of J Street’s student organization, J Street U, wore a t-shirt endorsing terrorism and airplane hijacking to a J Street event at Washington University in St. Louis.

J Street Loses Pumpkin Carving Contest

Poorly carved peace sign pumpkin not a winner
The losing J Street Pumpkin

The liberal Middle East lobbying group J Street was crowned the loser of its office building’s annual pumpkin carving contest after entering a sloppily carved peace sign into the competition, according to sources close to the contest.

J Street Has History of Lobbying for Pro-Iran Initiative

Pro-Israel insiders criticize the organization for its failure to support Jewish state

The self-described “pro-Israel, pro-peace” lobbying group J Street has spent the majority of its recent time on Capitol Hill lobbying in favor of pro-Iran and pro-Palestinian measures, according to the liberal group’s lobbying disclosure forms.