Randi Weingarten Joins J Street Board

American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten / Getty Images
October 4, 2023

Teachers' union leader Randi Weingarten, who presided over a disastrous nationwide shutdown of schools during the coronavirus pandemic, is joining the board of one of the country’s most prominent anti-Israel groups.

J Street, a far-left group that works to undermine the Jewish state, announced on Wednesday that Weingarten will join its board of directors.

As president of American Federation of Teachers, Weingarten pushed draconian measures during the COVID pandemic, pushing to keep schools closed and students out of the education system, a move that drew widespread criticism from parents and Republican lawmakers.

The union leader has also waded into Israeli politics, backing a mass protest movement that has sought to undermine and unseat Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

J Street—which supports conditioning U.S. aid to Israel, routinely attacks the Jewish state for defending itself against Palestinian terrorism, and employs notoriously terrible pumpkin carvers—also has supported the protest movement as it seeks to meddle in Israel’s internal affairs.