Gaza Rockets Hit South Israel, Army Strikes Back

Israeli boy looks at shrapnel at parking lot in the Israeli southern city of Sderot after a rocket fired by Palestinian from Gaza Strip landed in town

GAZA (Reuters) – Seven rockets fired from the Gaza Strip landed in southern Israel during the Jewish Passover holiday on Monday, drawing retaliatory air strikes from the Israeli army, officials said, the first cross-border clash in several weeks.

Rand Paul: Nuclear Iran Not a Threat to U.S., Israel

Endorsed Bilderberg conspiracy theories before winning Senate seat
Super Friends

Sen. Rand Paul (R., Ky.) denied that a nuclear Iran would pose a national security threat to the United States or Israel in a 2007 radio interview with talk show host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

IDF Forms Intelligence Unit that Includes Autistic Soldiers

Spokesman: Autistic soldiers have remarkable visual, analytic capabilities
IDF soldiers set up a drone  / AP

The Israeli army has formed a specialized intelligence unit that includes soldiers diagnosed with autism, a neurological disorder involving impaired social interaction and communication problems.

Carla Bruni Is Crazy About Israel


One the 1990’s most treasured of relics were Adam Sandler’s periodical Hanukah songs, the ode to Jewish children felt left out at Christmas where Sandler would comfort them with the definitive “who’s who” of the tribe that celebrated “eight crazy nights” that included both the captains of the Enterprise and the Millennium Falcon. If Sandler ever feels motivated to ever become creative again, he’d do himself a favor and add the former French first family. Namely Carla Bruni.

Pro-Israel Ads Hit Cherry Blossom Bus Route

Group seeks to counter anti-Israel campaign
Cherry blossoms in Washington

Seeking to counter a deluge of anti-Israel ads in the Washington D.C. Metro, a group has paid to place several ads on D.C. busses asking the government to “Stop U.S. Aid for Palestinian Terrorism.”

Scarlett Johannson Called SodaStream Firestorm ‘Anti-Semitic’

Scarlett Johansson

SodaStream always catches my eye when I walk through Target’s appliance aisle. Engineering your own soda is a nifty idea. Free markets! Job creation! All things Asher Roth and Harry Reid see as a bad thing.

So it was to my dismay when Oxfam, a charity that disagrees with Sodastream’s West Bank factory, riled up the mob to spew vitrol and hate at American and Israeli gem Scarlett Johannson she was announced as SodaStream’s first global ambassador. The move was especially douchey as she had done charity work for the organization in the past.

J Street Student Leaders to Repair Brandeis-Al Quds Relationship

UPDATED: Students for Al Quds get $10,000 grant after heckling former IDF spokesman
Rally at Al Quds University /

Two student leaders of J Street at Brandeis University who recently came under fire for heckling an Israeli soldier have been selected to help repair the school’s relationship with the Palestinian Al Quds University, which has hosted several anti-Israel terror rallies on its campus.