Immigration Questions for Democrats


Republicans get asked about immigration all the time, mostly to get their reactions to something Donald Trump said, but not always. Democrats hardly ever get asked about immigration, and when they do it’s always to get their reaction to something a Republican said (in response to an actual question about immigration).

Immigration is a controversial issue, and far more complex than the media coverage would have you believe. For example: “Should there be a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants?” is not the only question that requires an answer in the debate over immigration reform. If reporters really wanted to, they could force Democrats to weigh in on some of the more contentious (and severely under-covered) aspects of the immigration debate, by asking questions like…

Disney Cancels Layoffs After Backlash

Disney CEO Bob Iger (AP)

Disney, a top financial backer of the Democratic Party and parent company of ABC News, has been under fire for its decision to lay off hundreds of tech workers, and then compelling those fired workers to train their foreign replacements.

The company is clearly feeling some pressure, as evidence by their decision to abruptly cancel a separate round of layoffs, and get rid of the foreign replacement workers, possibly denying them a shot at the American Dream: