Judges: Soros’ Broken Promise Didn’t Cause Ex Emotional Pain

Soros open to assault and battery for slapping, choking ex-girlfriend during post-break up bed session
George Soros and Adriana Ferreyr / Splash News

Billionaire Democratic donor George Soros got a favorable ruling in court today, with a five-judge panel ruling that his refusal to follow through on a promised $2 million New York City apartment did not cause his half-century younger ex-girlfriend any emotional pain.

Gas Attack

Column: How Democratic donors benefit financially from climate policy
Tom Steyer, George Soros, John Podesta / AP

Some lies just won’t go away. In February the Washington Post published an article with the following headline: “Why There’s No Democratic Version of the Koch Brothers’ Organization.” It was the umpteenth attempt to explain, in a particularly simplistic manner, how the millionaires and billionaires who donate money to the Democratic Party are nothing, absolutely nothing, like those meanie cancer research philanthropists Charles and David Koch.

Hillary’s Billionaires

Meet the Billionaires Behind Hillary Clinton 2016
Hillary Clinton / AP

Billionaires Alice Walton, George Soros, and Marc Benioff all made major contributions to the super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton’s presidential run in 2016, according to recent Federal Election Commission filings.

The Rainmakers

Column: Where would Democrats be without Charles and David Koch?
Charles and David Koch

Beleaguered, adrift, defensive, angry, eager to escape from attacks on Obamacare, President Obama and his allies have a secret weapon with which to rally their base. This voice-activated device is incredibly easy to use. One need only utter the words “Koch brothers,” and the financial apparatus of the Democratic Party begins to whir.

Union Activists Sign on to Pro-Minimum-Wage-Hike Bill

Many unions would benefit from bump to the minimum wage
President Barack Obama, AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka / AP

A letter supporting a minimum wage hike being circulated by the George Soros-funded Economic Policy Institute that purports to represent the views of leading academics has been signed by a number of economists who work for labor unions and leftwing special interest groups.