Fareed Zakaria Busted Again For Plagiarism

Plagiarist (AP)

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria has been busted for plagiarism again, this time by the same anonymous Twitter users who took down BuzzFeed’s Benny Johnson.

A new website, Our Bad Media, has posted twelve instances of plagiarism in Zakaria’s writing that were published prior to his 2012 bust for plagiarism, which prompted public apologies and internal “reviews” by TIME, CNN, and the Washington Post. The new revelations suggest those reviews were less than rigorous.

Some of the examples are pretty damning:

Hamas Spokesman: ‘I Have Jewish Friends’

Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan, friend of the Jews. (AP)

Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan wants everyone to stop pointing out that his avowedly anti-Semitic organization is, in fact, avowedly anti-Semitic.

So, in his most recent appearance on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, an especially animated Hamdan invoked the time-honored defense against bigotry: “I have Jewish friends.”