DOJ Declines to Prosecute Officials Involved in Tax Record Scandal

Chuck Grassley demands answers from TIGTA

Confidential tax records of several political candidates and campaign donors were improperly accessed by government officials, but the Justice Department declined to prosecute any of the officials involved, even in one “willful” violation of the law, an IRS watchdog reported.

Leading Republicans Reject Gang of 8 Deal

Sens. Cruz, Grassley, Sessions, and Lee announce opposition to immigration reform legislation
Immigration march in Los Angeles / AP

Sens. Ted Cruz (R., Texas), Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa), Jeff Sessions (R. Ala.), and Mike Lee (R., Ariz.) sent a letter to their colleagues on Tuesday opposing the immigration reform legislation proposed by the Gang of Eight after the Senate Judiciary Committee rejected their amendments.

Inappropriate Access

Top Wall Street figures met with officials implementing Obamacare

Meetings involving Obama administration officials and investors are raising new concerns about the channels of communication between Washington and Wall Street, according to the Washington Post.

Boston Attack Casts Shadow Over Immigration Debate

Senators clash at hearing over terror's impact on immigration reform
Sen. Chuck Grassley (left) looks at Sen. Patrick Leahy.

A fiery partisan exchange broke out Monday as the Senate Judiciary Committee heard a second day of testimony on the bipartisan immigration proposal agreed to by the so-called “Gang of Eight” Republicans and Democrats.

Ranking member Sen. Charles Grassley (R., Iowa) lashed out at Senator Charles Schumer after the New York Democrat suggested critics of immigration reform were using last week’s attacks on the Boston Marathon, which left three dead and 170 wounded, as an “excuse” to delay the bill.