Senate Democrats Just Blocked a Bill to Increase Accountability at the Scandal-Plagued Veterans Affairs Department


This actually happened on the Senate floor this afternoon. Senator Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) asked for consent to take up and pass the Veterans Affairs Management Accountability Act, a bill that would make it easier/possible for the scandal-plagued department to fire employees based on poor performance. The House overwhelmingly passed the legislation on Wednesday, with a bipartisan vote of 390 to 33. (Only Democrats objected.)

Surely the Senate would follow suit, right? Not exactly. Senator Bernie Sanders, a union-backed socialist from Vermont, objected on behalf of Senate Democrats to Rubio’s request. Instead of taking any action now, Sanders said he is going to hold a hearing—several weeks from now.

Democrats: Koch Brothers to Blame for Every Major Problem in the World


Democrats are obsessed with libertarian philanthropists Charles and David Koch. They seem convinced that the brothers are the embodiment of pure evil.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) has accused them of being “un-American” from the floor of the United States Senate and has suggested that they are to blame for basically every bad thing that has ever happened, ever.

In the past several weeks, Democrats have blamed the Koch brothers for: