Hugh Hewitt Makes HuffPo Reporter Look Like an Idiot

‘Had you been drinking?’


Radio host Hugh Hewitt thoroughly embarrassed a Huffington Post reporter and exposed the scribe’s misleading view on Iraq during a brutal on-air interview.

Hewitt hosted Zach Carter, the Huffington Post’s senior political economy reporter, on the show to discuss recent comments by former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Carter had excoriated Cheney for remarks made about Iraq during a previous interview on Hewitt’s program.

The conversation quickly spiraled out of control for Carter when Hewitt dismantled the reporter’s false arguments for why the Bush administration is to blame for the current violence in Iraq.

Carter, in the interview, admitted that he does not like to read books, does not "believe" in journalism school, and had never heard of Alger Hiss, a former State Department official who was accused in the late 1940s of spying for the Soviet Russian government.

Hewitt went on to play several clips of Carter bashing Cheney and asked the reporter if he "had been drinking" or "on any medication" when he made the remarks.

Carter had a very hard time defending himself.

Listen to the entire interview HERE.