CNN Reports Fake Frank Gore Tweet As Real


CNN covered the disastrous end to Monday night's Packers-Seahawks game by reading tweets from angry players, highlighting one "outrageous" tweet from San Francisco running back Frank Gore. One problem: The tweet isn't real.

CAROL COSTELLO: But other Packers players were not so reticent. Guard T.J. Lang tweeted, "(Expletive) it NFL. Fine me and use the money to pay the regular refs." And the opinion around much of the league was the same. 49ers running back Frank Gore had an outrageous tweet, "Who's worse? The dude who directed that anti-Muslim movie or Roger Goodell? I think old Roger!" Wow.

The tweet was written by a parody account, @Frank_Gore. The user name for the account is "Not Frank Gore," with a bio noting, "SF Running Back (Parody Acct.)." The tweet read on CNN appears to have been since deleted, but retweets can be found from last night:

The parody account ranted last night about the NFL's referee lockout, garnering a number of retweets. After retweeting tweets from @Frank_Gore, Deadspin editor Timothy Burke and Yahoo Fantasy Football, among others, noted the account was not real. (Gore himself does not appear to have a Twitter account.)