Judge dismisses George Soros attempt to dismiss $50M lawsuit filed by ex-girlfriend

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A Manhattan Supreme Court judge has dismissed liberal billionaire George Soros' attempt to kill a $50 million lawsuit filed against him by his former, much younger girlfriend, calling Soros' behavior towards the ex "atrocious."

The New York Post reports:

Justice Debra James upheld most of the beauty’s claims against the lefty activist, who allegedly reneged on a promise to give her a $1.9 million apartment and then slapped her around when she complained, court papers say. […]

The judge dismissed only a fraud claim, ruling that Soros, 82, really did mean to buy the dream home for Ferreyr, 29, even though he ultimately gave it to another gal pal. […]

He "exhibited violent conduct towards her and hired persons to follow and intimidate her," the judge’s decision noted.

The case garnered attention last year when the octogenarian reportedly offered $250,000 to Ferreyr's cousin to stop the lawsuit. In the suit, Ferreyr claims Soros choked her, slapped her, and threw a lamp at her during one argument.