New Poll: Republicans View Israel More Favorably than Dems


Democrats are more sympathetic than Republicans toward Cuba, China, and Egypt, while Republicans are fonder than Democrats of Israel, according to a new Gallup poll.

"Democrats are more positive than Republicans toward a range of foreign countries, including Cuba, China, Egypt, and Mexico," Gallup reported Thursday. "Republicans have more favorable opinions than Democrats about only a few countries, most notably Israel."

The finding reinforce the fact that Republicans tend to have a more positive and supportive position on Israel, a nation that elicited boos from Democrats during the Democratic National Convention last year.

The poll was released as President Barack Obama spends his second day touring Israel and the West Bank.

Seventy-eight percent of Republicans surveyed said they view Israel favorably, while just 60 percent of Democrats offered a similar take.

Forty-five percent of Democrats view the communist haven of Cuba favorably, while just 24 percent Republican surveyed share that view, according to the poll.

Fifty-two percent of Democrats view China favorably, compared to just 32 percent of Republicans.

Forty-nine percent of Democrats also had a favorable view of Russia.

Both Republicans and Democrats overwhelmingly dislike Iran, with 12 percent of Democrats adopting a favorable view and only six percent of Republicans offering a similar response.

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