Clinton on Syria: (Inaudible)

Secretary's remarks in Istanbul reveal no new plans for action against Assad


Secretary of State Hilary Clinton said the U.S. would support Syrian opposition forces, though it remains unclear exactly what that support will entail.

At a press briefing Sunday, Clinton attempted to outline U.S. efforts to bolster opposition forces currently battling against Syrian President Bashar al Assad, whose bloody crackdown on anti-government protestors had led to scores of deaths.

"The United States is also going beyond humanitarian aid and providing support to the civilian opposition, including (inaudible) and connect to the outside world," Clinton said, according to an official transcript of her remarks. "And we are discussing with other nations how best to expand this support."

Clinton also called "for an immediate end to the killing in Syria," maintaining, "the world will not waiver. Assad must go."

Clinton also announced more than $12 million in new humanitarian aid for the Syrians, as well as the creation of "a new accountability clearinghouse to train Syrian citizens to document atrocities and abuses and to identify perpetrators."

The administration first moved to provide humanitarian assistance to the embattled Syrian opposition more than a month ago, though the death toll in Syria has continued to rise and the humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate. On the question of providing lethal military aid, the administration remains opposed, though it has signaled that it would not publicly oppose efforts by other governments to take a lead role in delivering arms to the rebels.

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