5 Reasons Why Joe Biden Would Make a Fantastic President

Are you ready? (AP)

The Joe Biden presidential campaign has, for all intents and purposes, already begun. With President Obama having abdicated his Veterans Day duties in order to attend a dictator summit in Communist China, Biden stepped up to the plate on Tuesday by laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery.

Because the 2014 midterms were terrible for potential Biden challenger Hillary Clinton, and because the chances of President Obama resigning before the new GOP-controlled Senate takes office in January are high, the veep is strongly positioned to lead the Democratic Party into the future.

Here are the top 5 reasons why Joe Biden would make a fantastic president:

Obama Flip Flops on Voter Suppression


President Obama hasn’t always been in favor of voter suppression, but recent statements suggest his position has changed.

For example, White House press secretary Josh Earnest recently said that, despite the Democratic Party’s shellacking in the midterms, the president was “looking forward” to taking executive action to address illegal immigration. Never mind that many Republican candidates ran in explicit opposition to these proposed actions. “I’m pretty sure I’ll take some actions that some in Congress will not like,” Obama said during a press conference last week.

You Won’t Believe How Old the Democratic Party’s Leaders Really Are


Sonny has already explained why millennial voters are woefully uniformed and probably should not vote. For example, most of them think Hillary is in her 50s or younger. (She just turned 67.)

Millennials would presumably be shocked to find out the true age of the Democratic Party’s leaders. In the interest of public service and transparency, it is the Free Beacon’s solemn obligation to remind them. Here’s a rundown of top Democratic leaders, and how old they will be in 2016:

Obama Dabbles in Authoritarian Roleplay

Dict pic. Who wore it best?

President Obama has long made clear his desire to rule in a system devoid of constitutional complexity, occasionally lamenting the fact that he is not a dictator. So he must be enjoying his trip to China this week, where he is getting the opportunity to dress like one and engage in some totalitarian roleplay.

Yes, the Obama Administration Still Tortures

Worse than waterboarding? (AP)

Barack Obama may have just announced a troop surge in Iraq following a devastating loss in the midterms, but he is nothing like George W. Bush. That’s why his administration has made clear that the United States does not torture its enemies. But what about its friends?

Consider this passage from an illuminating (and frightening) profile of senior Obama adviser Valeria Jarrett in the New Republic: