QUIZ: Made-Up Nonsense or ‘Best Quote’ From Davos?

The World Economic Forum in Davos is a thing that happens every year where the brightest minds on the planet gather to lay waste to conventional wisdom. For example, here are 36 of the “best quotes” from this year’s forum. Don’t look, though, because that would be cheating on the quiz. Here’s an example:

This Preschooler’s Drawing Perfectly Explains the 2016 GOP Primary

The 2016 Republican primary has perplexed even the wisest members of the pundit class. In some cases, their predictions have turned out to be wrong, which doesn’t happen very often.

Leave it to 4-year-old Jacoby, a patriotic toddler whose artistic talent in the crayon medium has show vast improvement over the past several months, to explain it all for us.

No Bueño: Hillary’s Hispanic Hope Needs Spanish Lessons

If the event that Hillary Clinton upsets Bernie Sanders to win the Democratic nomination in 2016, she be tasked with picking a suitable nominee for vice president.

Who would she choose?

A lot of people seem to think HUD Secretary Julián Castro is an obvious choice. Not only is Castro 27 years younger than Hillary, he is also very loyal (he’s already endorsed her) and Hispanic.

Or is he?

Obama’s Politico Interview, Explained

President Obama recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Glenn Thrush of THE POLITICO, a Beltway gossip blog located many, many floors below the Free Beacon in Arlington, Virginia. Here are some of the highlights, as told using real interview quotes and clips from The Chris Farley Show: GLENN THRUSH: So, one of the things — …

This Is How Badly Hillary Clinton Wants the Public to See Her Emails

Hillary Clinton is passionately devoted to transparency, which is why she earnestly declared in March of last year: “I want the public to see my emails.” How badly does Hillary want the voting public to have a full accounting of the emails she failed to preemptively delete from her unsecured private server? This badly:

Hillary Clinton Marks the Death of ‘Hope and Change’

Eight years after Barack Obama was swept into the White House on a passionate tsunami of “hope” and “change,” the Democratic Party is being forced to settle for Hillary Clinton, one of the worst presidential candidates in modern history. She is, at best, running marginally ahead of a 74-year-old socialist (who also promises to enact significant “change”) in the race for the 2016 nomination. Her message heading into the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries amounts to: “Realistic, incremental progress on a ruthlessly pragmatic assessment of a status quo characterized by spiritless gridlock in Washington and by the way did you know I’m a grandmother?”