The Revolution Will Be Monetized: How Hillary Clinton Betrayed a Liberal Icon

Hillary Clinton flashes a gang sign commonly associated with the super wealthy. (AP)

The Free Beacon’s Alana Goodman has another Hillary Clinton scoop revealing the elderly homeowner’s closer-than-previously-acknowledged ties to the late left-wing radical Saul Alinsky, who is best known for his organizing efforts on behalf of society’s “have-nots” in opposition to the greedy decadence of the “haves.”

If Alinsky could see the kind of politician his close friend Hillary Clinton has become, he would be outraged and heartbroken.

Lois Lerner Breaks Silence: ‘I Didn’t Do Anything Wrong’


Poor Lois Lerner. She used to be an award-winning public servant who got “amazing ratings and bonuses.” But since the IRS targeting scandal broke in 2013—when Lerner planted a question in order to preempt an inspector general’s report—she has been forced into early retirement. Her life—married to a rich attorney, living in a $2.5 million mansion, and earning a $100,000 annual pension—has become a living nightmare. In many ways, Lerner is the real victim of the IRS scandal.

That is essentially what readers are meant to take away from an exclusive THE POLITICO interview/puff piece published on Monday, in which a defiant Lerner denied any wrongdoing while refusing to address damning revelations “at the behest of her lawyers.” It is the first time she has spoken publicly in 16 months.

REMINDER: If Sean Eldridge Doesn’t Lose By at Least 30 Points It Will Be a Defeat For America

Sean Eldridge mingles with a commoner. (Facebook)

A recent poll of the NY-19 congressional race between lifelong district resident and Army veteran Chris Gibson (R) and carpetbagging Facebook spouse Sean Eldridge (D) shows Gibson with a commanding 24-point lead. The Cook Political Report has moved the race from “lean Republican” to “likely Republican.”

That’s a solid lead, but not nearly enough to prevent a national embarrassment. As the Free Beacon has repeatedly argued, every self-respecting human being should hope Sean Eldridge is utterly humiliated in November and suffers a defeat of no less than 30 points.

FLASHBACK: Liberals Were Convinced Chris Christie’s Political Career Was Over


A federal investigation of the George Washington Bridge closure has failed to uncover a link to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, despite the liberal media’s best efforts to create one:

The U.S. Justice Department investigation into Gov. Chris Christie’s role in the George Washington Bridge lane closure scandal has thus far uncovered no evidence indicating that he either knew in advance or directed the closure of traffic lanes on the span, federal officials tell NBC 4 New York.

The news is blow to hopes and dreams of MSNBC hosts, who have covered the scandal obsessively for the better part of a year. In fact, many liberals were convinced that Christie was directly involved in the scandal, and had essentially destroyed his political career. A look back:

Meet the Left-Wing Demagogues Who Earn Significantly More Than the Average CEO

Old, rich, and white.

Left-wing professors Paul Krugman and Robert Reich are some of the most outspoken demagogues on the subject of “income inequality,” and routinely complain about the “pay gap” between CEOs and ordinary workers. For obvious reasons, they are less concerned about the pay gap between professional left-wing demagogues and ordinary CEOs.

As Mark Perry at the American Enterprise Institute has pointed out, the average CEO makes far less than the income inequality scolds would have us believe—about $178,400 to be exact, which is significantly less than what Krugman and Reich take home in a given year.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: These Photos of Hillary Clinton Doing Yoga Will SHOCK You


Last week, the New York Times reported on the steps Hillary Clinton is taking to prepare for a presidential run in 2016. Among them: “She is building stamina through tough new workouts with a personal trainer and yoga.” It could be a sign that the 66-year-old homeowner’s physical health is improving.

The good news is that you can see for yourself, thanks to an exclusive scoop from the Washington Free Beacon. Our investigators recently uncovered the following photos of the soon-to-be grandmother performing a series of unconventional yoga poses.

The Vox Dot Com President

Vox Dot Commander-in-Chief has quickly established itself as the go to source for definitive explanations of challenging topics such as Palestinian infrastructure and celebrity birthdays. In fact, the very existence of, and its rise to prominence in the twilight of the Obama presidency, explains more about our commander-in-chief than its stable of boy geniuses could ever hope to with their “blags” and “card stacks.”

Even before was a thing, Barack Obama was the president. He always has been. Like the people who run Vox, Obama is an ideological liberal who insists on presenting himself as a disinterested wonk who is only interested in “what works.”

Vox founder Ezra Klein’s first byline for the site was a treatise on the dangers of ideology—specifically, how conservative ideology is endangering future generations by thwarting a massive government intervention to address climate change. In reality, Vox is staffed by ideological liberals, including several former employees of the Center for American Progress Action Fund.

Hillary Clinton to Cavort with Mexican Oligarch


Prominent American oligarch Hillary Clinton is travelling to Mexico on Friday to attend an annual summit hosted by Carlos Slim, the world’s richest oligarch. Slim, whose portfolio includes a significant stake in the New York Times, is a major donor to the Clinton Foundation. His net worth—around $72 billion—is roughly equivalent to the combined fortunes …

Outrageous and False, Democratic Attack Ads Reek of Desperation

Hillary Rodham Clinton

The 2014 cycle has been an interesting one so far. For example, Republican Senate candidates are normally the ones who end up embarrassing themselves, but not this time. That’s a shocking development in and of itself. Also shocking is the degree to which Democratic Senate candidates and their allies have resorted to absurd attack ads this far out from election day.

Senator Mark Begich (D., Alaska) was recently forced to pull an inflammatory ad falsely linking his GOP opponent, former state Attorney General Dan Sullivan, to a gruesome murder, after the victims’ family expressed outrage at not being consulted and accused Begich of exploiting a tragedy for political gain. This was an embarrassing misstep for Begich, who was thought to be running a solid campaign, thanks in large part to his efforts to distance himself from President Obama.