Senator Obama Shows Republicans How to Answer Question About Hillary’s Experience


Barring a late surge from Bernie Sanders, the next Republican nominee is sure to confront questions about Hillary Clinton’s experience. Marco Rubio, for example, was asked during Tuesday night’s GOP debate why voters should trust him over an opposing candidate (Clinton) with such “an impressive resume.”

It was essentially a softball question, but instead of answering it, Rubio dissembled into stump speech rhetoric, while mentioning Clinton only in passing:



The Trump train kept on rolling Tuesday night at the Republican debate moderated by Fox Business. You might not have noticed, but the Donald won again. Sure, he didn’t exude the raw silverback dominance he did in prior contests, but Trump once again stood out as the only candidate with the virile intensity to restore American greatness.

Predictions for Tonight’s GOP Debate


Republican presidential candidates will take part in another debate tonight on the Fox Business Channel. Are you excited? You shouldn’t be, really. But it might be mildly entertaining. Here are some predictions for what to expect:

The Media Is Bizarrely Insistent (and Wrong) That Hillary Clinton Didn’t Emphasize Gender in 2008


The Washington Post reports that Hillary Clinton is “making gender a focus of her presidential bid” in 2016, mostly by accusing Bernie Sanders of being a sexist simpleton. And like basically every media outlet to report on the Clinton campaign’s “emphasis on gender,” the Post makes sure to point out that this represents a huge change compared to Hillary’s first (failed) run for president [emphasis added]:

Donald Trump Has a Genius Plan to Deal With Iran

Our next president.

Former Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has a genius plan to solve the foreign policy problems posed by Iran. In his latest book, Crippled America, Trump trashes the “terrible” nuclear agreement negotiated by the Obama administration, but is pessimistic about the possibility of reimposing sanctions on the Iranian regime. “Unfortunately, the deal is done,” he writes.