The New Republic: A ‘Storied’ History


The demise of the New Republic has prompted a proliferation of hot takes. There are differing opinions as to how embattled owner Chris Hughes should proceed, but almost everyone seems to agree on one thing: the “storied” nature of the institution.

“You may not care about the New Republic, but the 100-year magazine has a storied history that came to an abrupt halt when most of its top journalistic talent resigned in a revolt against the owner,” wrote Howard Kurtz at Fox News. He wasn’t alone:

The New Republic’s First Hire Should Be…


New Republic owner (and Free Beacon Couple of the Year co-winner) Chris Hughes has a problem. Not only did his husband Sean Eldridge recently lose his race for Congress by an embarrassing margin, Hughes also needs to replace the dozens of New Republic staffers who resigned in protest over his plans to transform the magazine into a “digital media company.” (But first he needs to update the masthead.)

Fortunately for Hughes, there’s an obvious solution to this problem:

White House Mourns Departure of Obama’s Personal Chef

Sam Kass and Michelle Obama share a nibble. (AP)

The capital of the free world teeters on the edge of darkness. Black-clad mourners huddle under frigid, overcast skies; children weep without knowing why.

One of the most beloved members of the Obama administration, Sam Kass, has decided to abandon his post. Historians will remember Kass as the Executive Director of the First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! Initiative, as well as the first-ever White House Senior Policy Advisor on Nutrition. The rest of us will always remember (and love) him as the personal chef to the Obama family and husband to MSNBC host Alex Wagner.

Liberal Hypocrisy, Explained by Alanis Morissette

Don't ya think?

Here’s a familiar passage from Ken Vogel’s latest piece in Politico, which focuses on incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s efforts to reform campaign finance rules [emphasis mine]:

McConnell’s efforts are by no means guaranteed to succeed. In fact, they represent an early test of whether the Kentucky senator will be able to translate his increased power within Congress into a robust national political operation like the one presided over by the man he’s replacing as majority leader, Nevada Sen. Harry Reid.

“He’s trying to create Mitch McConnell, Inc.,” said David Donnelly, executive director of a group called Every Voice, which — ironically — spends big money in politics to reduce the role of big money in politics. It spent $400,000 in the midterms attacking McConnell as beholden to wealthy donors.

WATCH: The Hillary Clinton Video That Made Me Question My Anti-Clinton Worldview

Are you ready?

Compared to most media outlets, the Free Beacon has been relatively critical of Hillary Clinton. Like some of her critics, we have argued that she might be too rich and fancy to connect with Real Americans. Until we saw this video produced by a pro-Clinton PAC. Watch it, then you’ll understand out why we are beginning to question our preconception about the 67-year-old grandmother who recently quit her job to become a public speaker.

Hillary Clinton Will Never Be President


Until recently, the conventional wisdom among Beltway elites was that Hillary Clinton would waltz, or at least walk unassisted, to the Democratic nomination in 2016. Now that narrative has come under attack, amid mounting evidence that Hillary’s most recent quest for power has already failed. Consider, for example, the embarrassingly sparse crowd at Georgetown University on Wednesday, …

Author of ‘Hard Choices’ Still Won’t Take a Stand on Keystone Pipeline

Seriously, who holds a book like that? (AP)

Public speaker Hillary Clinton, who rose to prominence this year after writing an entire book about “Hard Choices” (2.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon), has yet to make a choice about where she stands on the controversial issue of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Clinton has been dodging the issue for months, usually by insisting she can’t take a position because she worked on the issue as secretary of state. But her refusal to take a firm position has become increasingly ridiculous.