10 Things That Are Definitely Scarier Than 'Angry Fani Willis'

The Trump prosecutor is mad because a judge told her to fire her illicit lover

Fani Willis (Getty Images)
March 15, 2024

Fulton Country district attorney Fani Willis must fire her former lover Nathan Wade if she wants to continue to prosecute former president Donald Trump for election interference, a Georgia judge ruled on Friday.

Liberal lawyer Bradley P. Moss, Esq., who frequently appears on CNN, posted his reaction to the news on social media. "I am trying to imagine something scarier right now than being prosecuted by an angry Fani Willis," he wrote.

Come on, dude. You must not be trying very hard. Here are 10 things that are definitely scarier than being prosecuted by an angry Fani Willis:

1) Riding the New York City Subway

2) Living in Washington, D.C. 

3) Being trapped in an elevator with Hillary Clinton 


4) Nuclear war

5) Remembering that Vice President Kamala Harris is just an 81-year-old heartbeat away from the presidency

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6) The power of love

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7) When you realize some potential jurors might blame you for running that obnoxious cyclist off the road

8) College sports


9) Being strapped to a hospital bed while Sen. Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) reads aloud passages from President Joe Biden's sex diary

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10) Being prosecuted by a district attorney who acts like a responsible professional and doesn't hire their secret boyfriend with taxpayer funds to work on a highly publicized RICO case. 

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