Megyn Kelly Defends Female Trump Voters: ‘There Were Plenty of Reasons Not to Vote for Hillary Clinton’


NBC host Megyn Kelly defended female Donald Trump voters on Monday when a woman who has accused the president of sexual misconduct said they did not want to vote for a woman, quipping there were "plenty of reasons" not to pull the lever for Hillary Clinton.

On her new program "Megyn Kelly Today," Kelly interviewed Jessica Leeds, Samantha Holvey and Rachel Crooks, all of whom have levied accusations against Trump of past sexual misconduct. The three held a news conference on Monday morning calling for Congress to investigate Trump.

On NBC, Leeds discussed the culture of sexual harassment that she said put some of the fault for being abused on women.

"For the women who voted for Trump, I really think that they just didn't want to vote for a woman," Leeds said.

"I don't know if that's true. There were plenty of reasons not to vote for Hillary Clinton. Plenty," Kelly said, as the crowd laughed. "There's a long list over there. Long list."

Kelly said there was an "impossibility" for a voter in choosing between the two candidates in 2016 if he or she cared about sexism.

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