Continetti: Many in Media Have Incentive to Act Against Trump

Washington Free Beacon editor-in-chief Matthew Continetti said Thursday that many in the media are incentivized to act against President Donald Trump.

Appearing on Fox News' "Special Report," Continetti told host Bret Baier that the media uses opposition to Trump as a way of gaining ratings and for their own fulfillment.

"I think the incentives here, Bret, are kind of in misalignment," Continetti said. "On the one hand, you have many in the press who have an incentive to be very oppositional toward the Trump administration, who have an incentive to be sensationalist, to get ratings, and also to kind of get a sense of heroism against the Trump administration."

"And on the other hand, you have the Trump administration, which clearly understands that its base is extremely distrustful of the media and for many, many years, the conservative base of the Republican party has viewed the media as basically kind of the epitome of the political and cultural elite in this country," Continetti added. "So, I don't see this debate or argument ending anytime soon."

This comes after CNN reporter Jim Acosta, who frequently criticizes the Trump administration, got into an argument with Sanders earlier on Thursday about Trump calling the "fake news" press the "enemy" of the American people.

Panelist Steve Hilton said that his actions were not proper, while Baier criticized Acosta for becoming the story.

"Specifically on Jim Acosta, I think his persistent bullying of Sarah Sanders there is bordering on the abusive, but don't expect any #MeToo action on that from CNN, I think," Hilton said.

"It really shouldn't be about us, ever," Baier said.

"He is making it so and he is bullying her on a regular basis in an extremely offensive way," Hilton said.