Navy Destroyer Tests China’s Claim to Disputed S. China Sea Islands

Warship passage near Paracels latest freedom of navigation operation

A Navy destroyer sailed close to disputed South China Sea islands in a direct challenge to Chinese maritime claims over the strategic waterway. U.S. and allied warships and aircraft have stepped up naval and air patrols to to challenge China's claims to control about 90 percent of the South China Sea. The USS Wayne E. Meyer, a guided-missile destroyer, conducted a freedom of navigation operation in the South China Sea on Friday.

How to Help Hong Kong

Column: Start by defending Taiwan

In October 1950 the People's Liberation Army entered Tibet. The communists made short work of the Tibetan military. The following year, representatives of the Dalai Lama signed a treaty with the People's Republic of China (then all of two years old).

U.S. Clears Sale of F-16 Jets to Taiwan

Export valued at $8 billion and is first major warplane deal since 1990s

The Trump administration on Tuesday formally cleared the sale of 66 new F-16 jet fighters to Taiwan in a bid to bolster the island nation's air power.

Survey: Most Taiwanese Oppose Chinese Rule

Overwhelming majority support democracy in Taiwan

A survey recently conducted by the Mainland Affairs Council, a liaison between the Taiwanese government and the People's Republic of China, found that an overwhelming majority of Taiwanese people oppose rule from mainland China.

US Approves $2.2 Billion Sale of Tanks, Missiles to Taiwan

F-16s not included in arms package but new jets expected in coming weeks

The Trump administration is selling $2.2 billion worth of tanks and missiles to Taiwan but has delayed exports of new F-16s over budget shortfalls in Taipei. The main piece of the latest arms package announced Monday is the sale of 108 M1A2 Abrams frontline tanks and associated equipment, including tank rounds, machine guns, and tank-related gear.

Why Taiwan’s Presidential Election Is so Crucial

And why Americans should care about the outcome

Who the Taiwanese people elect significantly affects the island's relationship with China, and therefore very much concerns American interests, which would be seriously threatened if a pro-Chinese candidate emerges victorious.

Time for Trump to Assure Taiwan, Deter China

Tensions are rising in the Taiwan Strait, and war is not such a far-fetched prospect

President Trump can take steps now to assure Taiwan of America's commitment to the island's democracy, free of Chinese rule, and to deter China from using force to compel reunification.