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Bernie Sanders Finally Found a Corporate Conglomerate He Likes. It Happens To Be His Publisher.

The Vermont senator has come under fire for the high price of his anti-capitalism book

February 25, 2023

Catherine Cortez Masto Says She's 'Proud To Stand' With Avowed Socialist

Nevada 'is a democratic socialist state,' according to Dem senator's top ally

October 20, 2022

What Chile's Leader Can Teach Old Joe About Democracy

The 36-year-old socialist bows to the will of the people instead of demonizing his political opponents

September 8, 2022

Chile Rejects Socialist Constitution in Landslide Vote

Proposal would have mandated socialized medicine, enshrined abortion rights

September 6, 2022

New York Democrat Scrambles To Appease the Radical Anti-Israel Left

Private socialist message boards show fury at Jamaal Bowman. He’s responded by shunning the Jewish state.

March 12, 2022