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Scott Pruitt

Staff Emails Undermine Congressman's Claim of Being 'Blocked' From EPA Summit

Rep. Kildee alleged in television appearances and op-ed the EPA restricted access to summit

May 31, 2018
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt

Pruitt: 'We're Going to Be Energy Dominant and Energy Independent'

EPA administrator reflects on Paris one-year later, controversy

May 30, 2018
Scott Pruitt

The Real Story of Scott Pruitt's Trip to Rome

Pruitt met with top Vatican officials to discuss climate

Donald Trump and Kevin Chmielewski

EPA 'Whistleblower' Had Run-Ins With Law Enforcement, Other Background-Check Red Flags

Secret Service detail warned Kevin Chmielewski after physical altercations with Trump protesters

May 7, 2018
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt

EPA Whistleblower Who Complained About Pruitt’s Spending Inflated Military Service

Kevin Chmielewski complained about raises for Pruitt aides but did not disclose $24k in raises he received

April 27, 2018

Obama EPA Administrators Spent Eight Times More Than Pruitt on International Travel

Media scrutinize Trump cabinet travel, ignored Obama administration jet setting

March 21, 2018