Continetti: Pruitt Seems to Have Been One of the More Effective Members of the Trump Cabinet

Washington Free Beacon editor-in-chief Matt Continetti appeared on Bret Baier's "Special Report" Tuesday and talked about rumors that EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is at risk of leaving the Trump administration.

Baier expressed skepticism that Pruitt is doomed despite negative stories about him because of his success in his role.

"Pruitt, arguably, as far as cabinet secretaries have done, has ticked off the Trump agenda and reversed the Obama agenda when it comes to the EPA more than any other cabinet secretary," Baier said.

Continetti thought that for that reason, firing Pruitt would be unusual.

"When you look at the personnel Trump has dismissed, usually it's because there's some type of policy disagreement. That played a role [with] Secretary Rex Tillerson and Secretary David Shulkin," Continetti said.

In the case of former Health and Human Services chief Tom Price, Continetti pointed out, he failed to get Obamacare repeal through.

"You don't have that with Scott Pruitt," he said. "It seems he has been one of the more effective members of the Trump cabinet today, too."

He also mentioned that in terms of personality, Pruitt shouldn't be too much of an issue to Trump.

Continetti argued that Trump is going to have to balance mounting bad press with the benefits Pruitt brings to the EPA.

Trump reportedly told Pruitt Tuesday morning to "stay strong."

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