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Biden Admin Unveils $1.5 Million Effort To 'Empower' Female Climate Activists in Northern Kenya

African nation's 'patriarchal' society means women aren't involved in fight against climate change, USAID argues

May 31, 2023

Biden Administration Stonewalls Probe Into Hundreds of Millions in Potentially Wasted Foreign Aid

USAID may use taxpayer dollars to cover an 'awardee’s rent in Geneva or Rome or Paris,' lawmakers say

April 25, 2023

Want To Help Disabled Tajikistanis Fight Climate Change? Biden Could Pay You $1 Million for Your Advice.

Biden's USAID puts big money behind project to elevate disabled 'climate leaders' in Central Asian country

March 30, 2023
Greta Thunberg Joins Luetzerath Protest

One Billion Gretas: Biden Admin Pledges Taxpayer Cash To Support Young Climate Activists Abroad

USAID effort also includes call to address 'climate-related mental health conditions'

March 27, 2023

Grassley Grills Biden Nominee Over Push to Lift Sanctions on Group Tied to Terror

Senator asks USAID pick Samantha Power about 'advocating on behalf of a foreign sanctioned entity.'

March 8, 2021

Official: Obama White House Pushed Delay of Anti-Israel U.N. Resolution to Provide Cover for Clinton

Anonymous NYT source contradicts previous statements by Obama officials

March 29, 2019