IRS Sued By The National Organization For Marriage For Leaking Tax Information

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) filed suit against the federal government and the Internal Revenue Service Thursday, claiming it had “irrefutable proof” someone within the agency illegally leaked the conservative organization’s confidential tax returns to its ideological opponents last year.

Chilling Effect

A long-awaited report by the Treasury Department inspector general confirmed Tuesday that Internal Revenue Service agents targeted Tea Party groups because of their political beliefs. The report said ineffective management allowed IRS agents to single out Tea Party groups applying for tax-exempt status with inappropriate questions and requests.

ProPublica Donor Gets Pass—from ProPublica

A spokesman for ProPublica responded Tuesday to charges that the nonprofit journalism outfit devotes most of its investigations to donors of Republican and conservative causes while largely ignoring similarly influential donors on the left end of the political spectrum—including one donor to ProPublica itself.