Nonprofit Health Org at Center of ‘Million-Dollar Baby’ Controversy Is Run by (Highly Paid) Democratic Donors

Dignity Health billed its own employee $898,984 for her premature baby, denied appeals until ProPublica started asking questions

Top executives at Dignity Health, the nonprofit health care provider that stuck its own employee with a $900,000 bill for her premature baby, have donated extensively to Democratic candidates and committees over the years.

IRS Sued By The National Organization For Marriage For Leaking Tax Information

Conservative org claims it has irrefutable proof IRS illegally leaked donor info

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) filed suit against the federal government and the Internal Revenue Service Thursday, claiming it had “irrefutable proof” someone within the agency illegally leaked the conservative organization’s confidential tax returns to its ideological opponents last year.

Bad Loans

Funders of exposé on high-interest loans pioneered subprime mortgages

A news organization funded in part by one of the subprime mortgage crisis’ biggest beneficiaries sponsored a journalism series targeted at high interest loans.

Chilling Effect

Groups wary of talking about how they were targeted by IRS

A long-awaited report by the Treasury Department inspector general confirmed Tuesday that Internal Revenue Service agents targeted Tea Party groups because of their political beliefs. The report said ineffective management allowed IRS agents to single out Tea Party groups applying for tax-exempt status with inappropriate questions and requests.

All in the Family

Liberal donor sits on board of foundation with extensive ties to the White House

Tim Collins and his family give mightily to liberal organizations and political candidates, but Collins’ connections to the liberal establishment run far deeper than mere monetary donations, according to a Washington Free Beacon analysis.

ProPublica Donor Gets Pass—from ProPublica

Liberal millionaire and major Obama bundler Jeffrey Katzenberg receives little scrutiny from nonprofit journalism group

A spokesman for ProPublica responded Tuesday to charges that the nonprofit journalism outfit devotes most of its investigations to donors of Republican and conservative causes while largely ignoring similarly influential donors on the left end of the political spectrum—including one donor to ProPublica itself.

Sins of Omission

ProPublica ‘exposé’ failed to disclose own donors’ lack of disclosure

A recent ProPublica investigation into political nonprofits failed to disclose that one of the organization’s donors is a significant player in the world of “dark money” advocacy, while other contributors maintain deep ties to 501(c)4 groups supporting President Obama’s reelection campaign.

Meet the Left-Wing ALECs

Smear campaign against free-enterprise legislative conference conducted by shadowy progressive groups that serve similar function and rely on secret donors

The progressive groups leveling charges that the American Legislative Exchange Conference (ALEC) is “shadowy” and “nefarious” rely on hidden donors and overheated rhetoric to attack ALEC and ignore similar activities by liberal organizations.