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Head of Harvard's Islamophobia Task Force Signed Statement in Support of 'Palestinian Liberation Struggle'

'We demand an end to US support for Israel’s apartheid regime … and affirm our support for the Palestinian liberation struggle,' statement signed by Ali Asani says

May 28, 2024

UCLA Medical School Denies Whistleblower Allegations, Claims Students Admitted ‘Based on Merit’

Admissions officers say the school lowers standards for minorities in an effort to boost diversity.

May 24, 2024

Fire Michael Schill

The Northwestern University president disgraces himself—and his institution—before Congress

MIT Hired Six New Diversity Deans. Two of Them Are Serial Plagiarists, Complaint Alleges.

In dissertation titled 'Cite a Sista,' Tracie Jones-Barrett stole an entire passage on 'ethical considerations' from her classmate

May 14, 2024

Columbia Faculty Group Goes on Strike in Solidarity With Anti-Israel Student Protesters

Faculty and Staff for Justice in Palestine at Columbia vow not to return 'until police are removed from our campus'

May 6, 2024

Anti-Israel Georgetown Professor Dubs US Congressman a 'Race Traitor' and 'Uncle Tom'

Zein El-Amine has long history of supporting Students for Justice in Palestine, which is leading anti-Israel campus protests

May 3, 2024

House Poised To Vote To Codify Official Definition of Anti-Semitism in Face of Left-Wing Objections

Bill faces opposition from Dems who prefer definition crafted by progressive activists

April 30, 2024