Prison Reform

Senate Advances FIRST STEP

Both sides prep for contentious amendment fight

U.S. Capitol buildingThe Senate voted Monday night to advance the FIRST STEP Act, setting up what is likely to be a contentious fight over a number of proposed amendments before a final vote later this week.

Senate Will Vote on FIRST STEP

McConnell promises tally on bill before end of year

The Senate will vote on the White House's criminal justice reform proposal before recessing for the end of its term, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced Tuesday.

More Law Enforcement Leaders Criticize FIRST STEP

Groups thought to support bill issue letter opposing it

prisonSeveral major law enforcement groups, thought to have backed down on their opposition to a federal criminal justice reform proposal, issued a letter to Senate leaders Thursday outlining why they were still troubled by the bill.

Trump Strongly Opposed to FIRST STEP

President won’t back bill that gives leniency to drug dealers

President Donald Trump is opposed to a major criminal justice reform in its current form, in large part due to an exception it carves out that may release convicted drug traffickers early, sources told the Washington Free Beacon on Friday.