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Harvard Buckles to Student Radicals

University leaders to hold divestment meeting with encampment radicals and initiate 'reinstatement proceedings' for suspended protesters

May 14, 2024

Encampment’s Faculty Cheerleader Oversees Columbia’s Core Curriculum in Humanities

Joseph Howley points the finger at “hegemonic Zionist far right” for vilifying encampment 

April 29, 2024

Fact Check: Columbia Professor Says Student Protesters Have Not Called for Violence Against Civilians

'They have not shouted out slogans … in support of Hamas or the wanton destruction of civilian lives,' says Bruce Robbins

April 29, 2024

Columbia Student Protesters Urge Reporters To Leave Campus, Schedule Presser for 12 Hours After Expiration of School's Negotiation Deadline

'We will remain in this encampment until we achieve all of our demands,' international student Mahmoud Khalil says

April 25, 2024

Palestinian Terrorists Declare Support for Columbia Encampment, Call for 'Escalation'

Columbia protests have included declarations of support for Hamas

April 24, 2024

Columbia Professors Declare Solidarity With Student Protesters and Call for Shafik's Resignation

'She has forfeited the privilege to lead this great university,' said history professor Christopher Brown

April 22, 2024

‘Free Palestine’ Bridge Blockers Get Free Bail—And the Democratic Party’s Fundraising Platform Gets a Cut

ActBlue to receive nearly 4 percent of legal defense donations for arrested protesters

April 16, 2024