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Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh and the Crisis of Legitimacy

Column: Why the Supreme Court justice became a symbol of polarization

September 20, 2019

No, Kavanaugh Cannot Be Removed From Office Without Impeachment

Anti-Kavanaugh left throwing everything at the wall to see what will stick

September 17, 2019

CNN Show Called 'Reliable Sources' Ignores Reliable Sources Discrediting CNN Story

The Times and Post did not back up CNN's story, as Stelter claimed

September 16, 2019

Slate Calls 'IT Chapter Two' Racist Because the Critic Didn't Notice the Ending

The racist component to the lie Mike Hanlon tells himself is the point of the movie

September 10, 2019

CNN's Bombshell Russian Spy Story Looks More Like a Dud

The New York Times and Washington Post both flatly contradicted CNN's reporting

September 10, 2019

San Francisco's Anti-NRA Stunt Isn't Just Misguided, It's Unconstitutional

Punishing businesses that associate with the NRA is a form of unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination.

September 6, 2019

Bloomberg's Terrible Leif Olson Hit Piece Officially Has No Leg To Stand On

Failure to detect a Trump official's sarcasm was an enormous screw-up

September 5, 2019

CNN BOMBSHELL: Danny Barefoot, Yes THE Danny Barefoot, Endorses Elizabeth Warren

Honestly, the other 2020 Democrats might as well pack it in

August 27, 2019

Mayor Pete Doesn't Understand 'Deaths of Despair'

The problem's bigger than mental health

August 27, 2019
New York Times building

Journalists Are Powerful Public Figures and We Should Treat Them as Such

Trump supporter wants to prove journalists hold their friends to different standards than the rest of us. It'd be nice if they proved him wrong

August 27, 2019