Trial Lawyers and Dem Donors Support Anti-Vaccination Movement

Top left-wing financiers found and finance leading ‘anti-vax’ groups

The financiers of the anti-vaccination movement now blamed for a resurgence of measles in the United States include trial lawyers suing drug companies that manufacture vaccines and high-profile Democratic fundraisers, public records show.

Experts: Limited Strikes in Syria Will Fail

Panel says Obama should support moderate forces while they still exist

Experts said Thursday that the Obama administration’s latest plan to order limited strikes in Syria would fail to influence a bloody conflict that has only worsened since the president’s call two years ago for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down.

The Renegade

Feature: Scott Winship’s trek from ACORN to the Manhattan Institute

According to President Obama and the Democratic Party, the middle class is in trouble. Income is stagnating and opportunity for the average American is declining. Inequality is skyrocketing as the top one percent accumulates the nation’s wealth, dragging down the economy. Middle class families are at a much higher risk of financial ruin than 50 years ago. It is getting harder to retire comfortably.

IRS Crosses Green Line

Pro-Israel groups felt wrath of Obama IRS, WFB investigation reveals

Washington Free Beacon investigation has identified at least five pro-Israel organizations that have been audited by the IRS in the wake of a coordinated campaign by White House-allied activist groups in 2009 and 2010.

Chuck Hagel’s Shadow Campaign

Pro-Iran group has donated $2.1M to pro-Hagel nonprofits, media outlets

Secretary of defense nominee Chuck Hagel sits on the board of a pro-Iran organization that has given millions of dollars to leftwing nonprofits and mainstream media outlets, organizations that are now leading the charge to support his nomination.