New York Times

The Oldest Hatred Rears Its Head

This week in media anti-Semitism

New York TimesIt’s been more than two days now since the New York Times opinion page, policed closely by the paper’s readers and employees for evidence of bigotry, published an op-ed that approvingly cites the black anti-Semitism explained away in a fifty-year-old essay by the writer James Baldwin. 

NYT Editorial Page Editor Resigns Over Cotton Op-Ed

Deputy who approved Cotton essay reassigned to newsroom

The New York Times announced on Sunday the resignation of editorial page editor James Bennet in the wake of staff uproar over the paper’s publication of an op-ed by Sen. Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) calling for the use of military force against rioters.

Mob Rule at the New York Times

New York TimesSen. Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) made a compelling argument on Thursday for deploying federal troops to quell the rioting and looting that has afflicted cities across the country. But instead of bringing order to the streets, Cotton’s column has mainly had the effect of hurling a Molotov cocktail into the New York Times building.